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Grand Doodles Available Guardian Dogs 
Here at Grand Doodles, dogs are our family. We want each dog to have the love and attention they deserve as soon as possible in their forever home. The breeding career of a dog is short but the lifespan is long. Knowing this we developed our guardian program. If you qualify (see below), you can get a top quality Labradoodle for half price. The only thing we ask in return is the breeding rights to the dog during a few short years. Once they have completed their quota, your pet will be spayed or neutered and you have no further obligation.

Many families have been guardians and sing the praises of the program. We have some basic requirements as outlined below:

1. You must keep the dog groomed, fed, safe and healthy.  Live no more than one hour from our current location.
2. You must have a physical fence, keep the dog with a collar and identification at all times unless being bathed.
3. You should never take the dog to a dog park or other place where unvaccinated dogs congregate.
4. You must have a family member at home at least part time to be with the dog.
5. You must be able to surrender the dog to Grand Doodles at times of heat or for stud service – up to twice per year for females...could be more for males.
6. You must love your dog with all your heart.

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Dava Cardwell, The Grand Doodles Alpha Human
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